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Englanninkielinen käännös kirjastani on saanut uuden nimen ja uuden kansikuvan. Saatavilla e-kirjana 15 elok. lähtien.
Nyt valmistelen Trumpetinsoittajan viimeistä versiota jonka on tarkoitus tulla painosta pokkarina joulumarkkinoille.

Bittersweet Fruit


This book is essentially the same as the Gentle Winds (Lempeät tuulet Tyyneltämereltä) but I translated it into English and edited some portions of it, changing names back to original and improving the legibility somewhat.
My son has been of invaluable assistance in editing, lay-outing and proofreading this book, in the end also uploading it, when my skills did not suffice. The cover art is also his, done on a doodle of mine, depicting a juvenile and idealized picture of myself; quite typical of teenagers and young adults. The fruit basket on my head turned out to resemble a princess crown, instead.
My son has also provided a running comment and insight of the contents of the book (”my mum larping as a upper class colonial lady”,” My mum pretending she’s culturally sensitive” and such; also checking up on my deteriorating English language skills; as a recently graduated MA. in Secondary School Teaching of English and Swedish he was especially keen on detecting the swinglishisms in my text.
This book was necessary, because it was written basically for my children and grandchildren; none of them speak my native Finnish language.
Thank you XXX for you patience. knowledge and skills.

To my children:
and grandchildren:

A footnote: while my son was working with the proofreading, formatting and editing this book, I was reading Isabel Allende’s My Invented Country. Any similarity between the observations of Isabel of her country revisited and her people retold with mine are merely coincidental. It was comforting to come to think that old ladies long gone from their countries tend to remember same type of things

Also, about the bittersweet fruit dessert: I found that process of taking the tartness out of the fruit being prepared for this traditional Christmas dessert is close to what memory does to the events of a life lived; it takes out the bitterness but leaves the flavor, the aroma and improves the consistency.